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Progress on the Ground

Future Generation International Missions Inc., would like to thank all of our supporters from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to everyone that has given to this great endeavor to remove 20 little girls from the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We wanted to give you all an update of the work that is currently being done in Haiti. We also wanted to give you all an update of what has been purchased as a result from your financial contribution.

As of June 9, 2012, we have received a total amount of $16,899.00 from generous donors all over the United States and Canada! We have purchased the following with your donations:

Things Met By Generous Donors:

 Things still needed:


Total Donated: $16,899.00

Total Used: $14,975.00

Total Remaining: $1,924.00

Total Needed: $16,585.00

Thank you so much for your trust and generosity. We could not have raised that amount without your help. Again, thank you very much for your help. You have no idea what this will do to the lives of these little girls in Haiti. These children have never had their own beds to sleep on and they have never received any type of formal training inside of a classroom. Because of donors like you, 20 little girls will be able to have a bed to sleep on, they will have their own clothes to wear, they will have their own shoes to have, they will have home cooked meals each day, they will have books to read, a playground to play on, toys to enjoy, and den mothers to care for them. They will have the opportunity to have a prestigious private education from one of the top schools in Jacmel and all of this will happen because of your assistance and dedication to this great project. Future Generation International Missions Inc., is honored that you have chosen to partner with us out of all the organizations doing similar work in Haiti.

Thank you again for your generosity and love for these girls in Haiti. We pray that God blesses you all greatly for your help! We want to give a special thanks to the following people for their faith and hard work in this project:

List of Donors – Please Click on the Link to View List.


Finally, please go to the Media tab to view pictures of the work being done at the orphanage. Again, thank you all for your support and prayers! God bless you!!!!!

In Christ,

FGIM Staff