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Marie Christelle Laguerre


Name: Marie Christelle

Birthdate: December 12

Marie Christelle was born in 2001. She is the youngest of 9 children. Her dad is old and her mom is mentally ill with a psychotic disorder and living in the streets. Her dad left the family because of the mother’s illness. Marie Christelle was forced to become very independent at a young age. She was left to try to find her own food, and make her own living. Because of the lack of care, she only made it to the 2nd grade at 11 years old.  Christelle’s brother brought her to the Faith House Orphanage.

To sponsor a child, we require a minimum monthly donation of $40.00 per month. This amount helps cover the food, clothing, shelter, medical, and education expenses associated with providing a loving and nurturing home for the girls of Faith House. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, just click the “Donate” button below to get started.