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All Girls Orphanage

FGIM All Girls Orphanage

Located in Jacmel, Haiti; our orphanage has 30 girls ages 11-21 yrs old. Many of these girls were malnourished and suffered from either cholera or bronchitis when they came to us. Their living conditions were heartbreaking as they came from disadvantaged or broken homes where the parent or surviving guardian could no longer care for them. Some of our little girls are true orphans, meaning that both biological parents passed away or died from the earthquake that devastated Haiti back on January 12, 2010.

Some of them came from Jacmel where the surviving parents were selling them at some point for $20 Haitian Dollars just to find money to eat for the day. A majority of our little girls were victims of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, living day to day without shelter, food, or clothes.

Give the Gift of Hope

Our Girls Orphanage provides a Christ-honoring and loving environment for our girls. You can give the gift of hope by sponsoring one of our 30 girls with as little as $40 a month and up. This will help cover their living expense, food cost, education, clothing, and health care. Just think about it, by giving a little a month to help sponsor one of these children, you’ll be radically changing someone else’s life! Every time you give to FGIM, you are partnering up with us to help these young ladies become powerful, godly, and influential leaders for their country.